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➤How many Damminix Tick Tubes® do I need?

  • 6 tubes will treat approximately 1/8 acre of mouse habitat
  • 24 tubes will treat approximately 1/2 acre of mouse habitat
  • 96 tubes will treat approximately 2 acres of mouse habitat

➤To use Damminix Tick Tubes® 

Simply place tubes in areas around your yard where mice frolic. That’s it! Mice will do the rest for you by gathering the cotton to build nests in their burrows.

When is the best time to use Damminix Tick Tubes?

   ➤In the Eastern and Midwestern parts of the United States, perform two Damminix Tick Tubes applications per tick season. The first application is in the spring or early summer when nymphal ticks are feeding on mice and the second in the late summer when larval ticks are active.

   ➤We recommend the spring application be made between April through early June. The Summer application can be done from late July through early September.

   ➤The summer application is crucial to the success of the Damminix tick control strategy. Mice are more plentiful by late summer and this is when most nest-building takes place. In addition, larvae are at their feeding peak during August and it is these larvae that become the next year’s nymphs!