Say Goodbye to Ticks with Damminix Tick Tubes

The First EPA-Approved Product of Its Kind Since 1987

Damminix TickTubes provide an effective and safe solution for tick control by targeting the primary host habitat where ticks get infected from mice. Our environmentally friendly and easy-to-use product consists of biodegradable cardboard tubes filled with permethrin-treated cotton that mice use for nesting. The permethrin kills the ticks without harming the mice or the land. As a result, our product has a proven record of up to 10-fold reduction in tick exposure and was developed at the Harvard School of Public Health.

The Benefits of Using Damminix TickTubes for Tick Control

  • Tick Control

    Ticktubes effectively control ticks in your yard, which reduces the risk of deer tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease and more. Therefore, you can enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about ticks.

  • Long-lasting

    One application of Ticktubes can reduce tick exposure for up to six months, thus making them a cost-effective solution for tick prevention. In addition, you can subscribe Ticktubes online, so you can easily get the tick protection you need every year.

  • Safe for People and Pets

    Ticktubes are safe to use around people and pets, because they do not contain harmful chemicals that can harm humans or animals. Instead, Ticktubes only affect ticks and other harmful pests, while leaving beneficial insects unharmed. Hence, you can protect your family and your environment with Ticktubes.

  • Easy to Use and Eco-Friendly

    Simply place the Ticktubes in areas where mice are likely to gather, and they will do the rest of the work for you. The cardboard tubes are biodegradable and do not need to be inspected, picked up, or discarded. Moreover, they are made in America and approved by the EPA.

Damminix TickTubes: A Proven Solution for Tick Prevention Featured in the Media

They didn’t have ticks anymore.

Cut Tick Numbers Near Your Home Dramatically!

Mice will bring the cotton back to their nests and kill larval ticks.