• Damminix is the first and original tick tubes
  • Damminix Tick Tubes is the only proven treatment to control Lyme disease ticks on your property.
  • Damminix is registered in 23 States

How it works

  • Tick Control
  • Easy to Use and Eco-Friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Safe for People and Pets

Deer ticks, (Ixodes dammini), become carriers of Lyme disease by feeding on field mice. The nymphal stage of the tick is particularly dangerous to people because it is tiny – the size of a pinhead – and active in the spring and early summer when people are outdoors.

Mice like to make nests of soft natural materials. DamminiX tick tubes contain fluffy cotton treated with permethrin – highly only toxic to ticks. The mice collect the cotton; the treated cotton kills the ticks.

In the past 38 year, Damminix Tick Tubes
have had thousands of happy and satisfied users

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Trustees of Reservations, Ipswich, MA

“After using Damminix for 1 year, ticks were virtually eliminated from Castle Hill.

ticktubes landing-2024-4-2 (13)

A Eppinger, Stamford, CT

“ I like to garden and I feel better knowing that I put Damminix Tick Tubes around our property. “

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L Cavolina, Southampton, NY

“There are enough chemicals going around here that I am relieved not to have to spray anymore. This is a great relief!”

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Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association, NY

“Years of scientific studies in the Pines have shown that the Damminix application results in up to 10-fold reduction of your risk of exposure to a tick that could cause Lyme Disease.”

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