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Tick Tubes® Testimonials

Product Users

"This was the thirteenth consecutive year of our highly successful program... Years of scientific studies in the Pines have shown that the Damminix application results in up to a 10-fold reduction of your risk of exposure to a tick that could cause Lyme Disease. Ours is one of the lowest cost programs in the country .. The Damminix application must be continued or the Lyme Disease risk will soar in the next two summers."

Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association, New York

"I do NOT have any connection with this product (Damminix ). Just received my box for the first time and will be putting the product around the perimeter of my own yard. I have it on good authority that this works! My friend used it last year and will be reordering it this year, as will I."

Claire300, Dog lover

"My Mom is 67 and lives in Southern Maryland. Her property is surrounded by mature trees on four sides. There is a large and healthy mouse population. Lots of brush and low groundcovers. She has had Lyme Disease three times. I am so glad that the Tick Tubes product is available - it gives me great peace of mind that we are doing all we can to keep her healthy and safe! Thank you, Tick Tubes!"

C.S., Eastern Pennsylvania

"Easy to use! I am so relieved to finally be able to fight back against the ticks."

S.R., Maryland

"Tick Tubes is very helpful in keeping the tick population down. I've used it for years with good results."

F.W., Deleware

Garden Advice Experts

"This concept is certainly attractive in that it is environmentally very specific and safe. Tests on Long Island, NY have shown that Damminix will reduce the number of infected deer ticks by more than 90% year after year."

Yardeners Plant Problem Solver

"Sprays have little effect on ticks, since ticks prefer areas that are dark and moist, it is difficult to actually get the chemical on the ticks. Not to mention most chemicals that kill ticks, harm wildlife as well. Damminix tick tubes can reach and kill deer ticks, before they are infected with the disease."

Pest Control Specialists

"Damminix is the only proven treatment to successfully control lyme disease ticks on your property."

NorthEastern Tree Care

"Damminix Tick Tubes attack ticks where they live! - without harming mice or other wildlife."

TickBusters Tick Eradication Program

"Damminix, we find, is an excellent addition to any standard tick control program."

Nardy Pest Control

Friends of Nature and Conservation Agencies

"To manage tick numbers at the larval stage, a control device called Damminix can be used."

Massachusetts SPCA, in Living with Wildlife

"Developed at Harvard, small cardboard Damminix tubes... use the natural behavior of mice to prevent the spread of Lyme disease to humans... Damminix is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency."

Responsible Policies for Animals, Inc. (RPA)

"Damminix, a cardboard tube filled with permethrin-impregnated cotton, has been developed to control ticks."

Nantucket Conservation Foundation